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100 Percent Winning Tips For Beginners

How To Bet On Sports

As you may know, the house always wins. A bookmaker needs to make a profit on every bet you place in order to stay in business. Otherwise, his betting shop will go bankrupt.

That is why bookmakers enjoy as edge and fix the odds in their favor, so no matter how many times you place your bets, the bookmaker always makes a decent profit on all your wages.

However, if I tell you that the roles can be reversed and instead of the bookmaker always winning, it is you, the punter, who enjoys an advantage in all your bets.

Will you be interested to listen to me? Please read the entire passage in order to acquire have 100 percent winning tips from me.

Have you ever come across the term advantage player? This is a term that betting portals use to define punters who only bet when the odds are in their favor.

Even though bookmakers enjoy around +4 percent edge on all the odds that they offer, advantage players can find odds where the bookmakers have a negative edge.

Betting Tips

Whether you want to be a pro at betting or just a casual punter, your goal should be to always bet on outcomes that have odds in your favor.

An easy method is the teaser betting strategy. This is a simple method anyone can use to find a positive advantage in your odds.

Just before game time, you will see that odds are efficient, and teasers are based on current betting lines. Find the places where teasers slightly increase the winning chance and voila, you will have found a positive advantage!

Another method is known as the prop betting strategy. Prop bets are the easiest outcomes to bet upon, for example, which team is likely to score at first?

Reading on the statistics heavily before match time will give you a certain edge on the bets you place. Another important thing to note is that different betting sites offer heavy sign up bonuses.

Some sites can offer upwards of $200 as sign up bonuses. But there is no such as free lunches, and you will need to place bets upon events and you can’t simply withdraw the money from the betting portals after you signed up.


The tricky thing to figure out is that how do you keep betting on positive advantaged odds and keep the sign-up bonus in your account without going bust.


Betting on events such as sports can be a lot of fun, so never forget to enjoy yourself, even if things don’t go your way. Even if you think that your bets will turn profitable in the long run, this instance is only true for a very few amounts of punters.

Most people lose heavily as they don’t have a clear-cut strategy when they place their bets. Do not be one of those guys. Never place your bets simply on emotion.

This strategy will let you down more often than not. Having unrealistic expectations and an attitude of getting rich quickly from betting can be a destructive combination. Always begin from small bets, as these will minimize your risks.

Set a clear budget and have a defined strategy in your head. If you tend to lose bets beyond a certain point, cut out your bets and get off the market.

You are bound to have some off days when luck will not go your way. So plan ahead for that. Have winning targets and bet in small portions, and bet on outcomes that are highly favored to happen.

If you are going through a bad run, do not try to recover your loses by placing more bets based on impulses. Poorly thought out bets will only add to your loses rather than helping you to recoup your money back.

Rational betting decisions will likely go in your favor more often than not. Try to also be very selective with your bets. Studying on a match before placing your bets will help you to make informed decisions which are based on sound strategies.

Betting requires an immense amount of patience. 100 percent winning tips are based on having rational decisions that will help you to have a profitable career as a punter in the long run.

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